Nutritious Movement Workshop

Instructor: Katy Bowman

When: March 8th (5:00 - 8:00pm)

Cost: $75

Class info:

Hands, shoulders and core: Making the Connection. A 90 minute exercise class, followed by an hour Q & A and group discussion plus a book signing.

Biographical info:

  • A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, Katy Bowman has the ability to blend a scientific approach straight talk about sensible solutions and an unwavering sense of humor, earning her legions of followers. Her award-winning blog and podcast, Katy Says, reach hundreds of thousands of people every month, and thousands have taken her live classes. Her books, Movement Matters (2016) ISBN:9781943370030, Diastasis Recti (2016) ISBN:9780989653961, Don't Just Sit There (2015) ISBN:9781943370009, Whole Body Barefoot (2015) ISBN:9780989653985, Alignment Matters (2013) ISBN:9781943370085, and Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief (2011) ISBN:9781936661077 have been critically acclaimed and translated worldwide.